Employee time & attendance
made simple


It all starts at the time clock

The first and most critical step is the ability collect employee time data fast and accurately. We’ve designed the Timelogix employee time clock with all the bells and whistle you need to do just that. With our plug and play technology you can be up and running in minutes. We’ve equipped it with state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology which allows you to track your employee’s time and attendance with the touch of a finger, this in turn will make clocking in and out much faster for your employees and at the same time saving you time and money by paying employees for the exact time they work.

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Real time “Push Technology”

What good is a device without the ability to interact and communicate with the software seamlessly. The Timelogix system was built the latest & greatest  communication technology, having the ability to transfer time records from the time clock to the software instantly in real time. The software also sends user data to the time clock as it happens. The days of downloading and uploading data is over, what are you waiting for? Get your Timelogix system today.

The time & attendance software”

Now that we have covered the ability to collect and transfer data from the time clock to the software, now this data has to be managed efficiently. The Timelogix time and attendance software was built with that in mind, we added all the features you need to manage your employees time & attendance in an easy to use, intuitive and low cost solution. This mind blowing user interface allows you to process your time data and make payroll a snap.

Smart Timecard

Easily view, edit & approve timecards all from 1 screen. Get notification of missed punches, late arrival, breaks, OT, see employees that work out of their schedule & much more.


It’s never been easier to setup schedules within the software with our interactive schedule assistant. This wizard style interface will lead you step by step to create the schedule rules in a prescribed order so you are never lost.

Powerful Reports

Gain complete visibility with Timelogix reporting solutions which empower you with informed real time decision making capabilities so you can easily convert data into actionable, valuable information.

Export to payroll

Say goodbye to rekeying or importing/ exporting data into a separate payroll application. Payroll is prepared instantly with the click of a button. Including Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex, and Sage.

Overtime Management

Keep overtime costs in check with easy to configure rules and settings that increase accuracy and improve compliance to overtime laws.

Lunch & Breaks Policies

This powerful feature allows you to add flexible lunch and break polices keeping you in compliance with local or state laws.

Multiple Pay Periods

We’ve got you covered with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods.

Absence Management

Manage employee absences easily. Also keep records of all paid and non paid time off.

Who’s in Dashboard

This dashboard gives you instant notification of who’s at work.

Processing payroll is a snap

Now that you’ve collected the in/out data, transferred and managed it, now it’s time for payroll. We intimately know the stress that processing payroll puts on you or your bookkeeper in charge of this tedious task. Interfacing with your payroll provider is key in any time and attendance management software.  Rest assure the Timelogix® time and attendance system is built to interface and automate the process of doing payroll by allowing management to easily transfer time to all payroll providers, including Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex and Sage.

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Unrivaled after sale support

People are more powerful than technology. Even the most innovative tools are meaningless without a team of experts behind them. That's why we provide unrivaled after sales support that moves way beyond standard troubleshooting and fixer uppers.

Let’s sum up the benefits of the Timelogix time & attendance system

  • Improve employee productivity by replacing all manual timecard calculations
  •  Avoids the hassle of auditing paper based employee time cards
  • Reduces costly manual payroll & data entry errors
  • Minimizes payroll processing time
  • Stay in compliance with labor laws by applying overtime policies accordingly
  • Reduce the time required to schedule employees
  • Enjoy up to the minute real time visibility on your time & attendance data
  • With our cloud solution, no need to install or maintain software
  • Access anytime, and from anywhere using a web browser*
  • Identify & eliminate time theft (early in, late out, & buddy punching)
  • Export time totals in minutes to all payroll providers and software
  • Holiday management is easy and simple
  • Lower overtime costs by proactively changing schedules quickly