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Distributors and Resellers

WANTED: Dynamic, successful, growth oriented organizations and individuals that want and deserve a partnership that provides stellar
customer support and enhances their overall retail position within the time and attendance industry.

Look no further, Timelogix is backed by Easy Clocking; one of the leading time and attendance systems manufacturers in the world. It's our belief that the independent reseller is the backbone of the time and attendance industry. Our job is to maximize your business potential, period. We stay abreast of industry trends, easy to use employee time clocks and software technology to ensure our resellers get the most innovative time and attendance products available today.

Whether you're a local retailer, integrator, have an e-commerce site, or thinking about starting your own business, our sales representatives will worth with you independently to captivate and strengthen your competitive edge.

We're more than a manufacturer. By fully backing you with quality product, service and support, we empower you to become a better distribution partner.

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Research and Development

Our research and development team is at all times concentrating on improving our existing solution and innovating new ones. With over 7 years experience and consolidated workforce management skills, we respond rapidly to your needs, no matter how complex they are. Matched by our business-focus technical support, our response to your objectives has led to the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. At the heart of the company is a team of skilled product developers, programmers and technical support staff. Along with a sales, marketing and administration staff. We're commited to providing our customers with an unrivalled expertise, service, and support.